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Here it is...REBA McENTIRE'S FAVORITE! Noevir is Japan’s premier skin care for 30 years. It is all natural to the skin, botanical and herbal based. Noevir has a 92% retention rate among users. It is anti-aging and was publicly acknowledged by Reba McEntire in the February 8 edition of Quick And Simple Magazine by Good Housekeeping. She has used Noevir for over 18 years and her skin loves it! If you’d like to look as good as Reba at any age, I want to be your personal Noevir skin consultant. 92% RETENTION RATE! Noevir beats the competition in Plant Research! Noevir has over 50% of all patents registered for plant extracts as compared to Shiseido with only 3% and Pola with only 11%. To receive a free sample of our skin care line, phone me at +1(707)416-8558 Pacific Standard Time. To shop online, please visit "The Products". Looking for a better way to work? Ask me about how you can run your own Noevir business from home. Call or email me at Do not be fooled by auction sites such as E-Bay, Yahoo, Amazon, MSN or other non-authorized Noevir distributors who claim to sell Noevir as the real deal. When you buy from me, you get the real Noevir product shipped from Noevir with the 90 day product guarantee! NoevirUSA does not approve of selling it's proprietary products on such auction sites. Vendors doing so are in violation of Noevir's Sales Policy and Procedures. Products purchased on such sites are not guaranteed by the company and most likely are expired inventory.


BioSign Eye Serum...
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Quick Recovery Mask...
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